Shepherd Friendship Club



 The Shepherd Friendship Club (our senior group) is open to anyone 55+. Our regular meeting time is the first Wednesday of each month in the fellowship hall. Each person contributes $1 per month to our Treasury; these funds are used for memorials, cards to the sick & bereaved, etc. and occasionally to help with ticket costs when touring places of interest.

 Lunches during our winter months are usually “Pot-Luck” in the fellowship hall where we have a program, “Fun & Games”, and other activities. During the rest of the year, we take day trips to interesting places in this general area – usually from 9am to about 3pm. Lunch at a restaurant near our destination at these times, with an occasional “Home” meeting and lunch “out” locally. Trips are in our 15 person church van or private cars. We are praying for a small bus one of these days!

 We welcome new members anytime to join our group which can be as many as 25 or so, but usually 12-20 people. Look for notices in the monthly church newsletter and Sunday bulletins. 

If you have any questions or for more information please contact Doris at (704)664-1416.